Indiana Latin Week!

2017 Indiana Latin Week recently came to an end! This year’s Latin themes were, My Maiden Muse Monday, Trendy T-shirt Tuesday, Way Back (When)sday, Ca(tell)us a Poem, and Fortuna Friday. On Monday, several club members drew colorful Latin related messages on cars. On Tuesday, club members wore their Latin T-shirts, and during Wednesday’s activity members went to play bingo at Wittenberg Retirement Village. Then, on Thursday a toga party was held where games were played and snacks were eaten. Lasty,the finale of Indiana Latin Week was when members posted pictures on social media with the hashtag “CPILW2017” on that Friday.
When asked about Indiana Latin Week, Kayla Apking, the local vice president said, “Indiana Latin Week is an annual week long event in which indiana Latin students participate in community service and spirit events based on the classical theme. I think compared to previous years we had more participation. It is a wonderful way to promote classics and for members to show their love and grow participation in the JCL.“. This year, a total of 72 verifs were collected. Overall, it was a very successful week!